Transport Facilities

Parents are requested to make necessary arrangements for the return of their children from school. Students who may happen to be left behind after school hours should report the matter to the maid servant or darwan of the respective buildings; who in turn will send them to the administrative building.

Here according to the prevailing circumstances, alternative arrangements may be made, or telephonic contact will be attempted or the child would be asked to wait for the parent. In no case should the child leave the premises without an escort to his/her home.

Children having to wait for private transport should stay within the compound of their building. They should show respect and obedience to the Darwans and gatekeepers of the building, who are there to ensure their welfare and protection. At no time should the children play or loiter, on the road. Any disregard in this matter will compel the authorities to impose disciplinary action even to the extent of suspension for a fortnight.

VERY IMPORTANT: It has been noticed that students coming by rickshaws, autorickshaws, Pvt. bus do not report to school on time. Even after dismissal vehicles do not reach on time to collect your ward as a result students are found wandering about on the main road. Due to lack of space they are often forced to hand forcefully adjusted and sit in precarious positions on the vehicle which is extremely dangerous and may prove to be fatal. Parents and guardians are requested to take care so that their children leave to avoid unwanted incidents or accidents. The school Management will not bear any responsibilities in case of any untoward incidents taking place.

Bearing in mind the safety and welfare of your ward you advised to make use of an independent and outside agency Ganesh Ram Utility Services Pvt. Ltd. who has been serving the school students for the past few years.

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