House Captains

House Captain (SESSION 2018-2019)
Student Council Members Discipline Incharges
Shashank Kumar (V – C)
Gargi Sharma (V - L)
Vaishnavi (IV-C)
Ayush Ranjan (IV-K)
School Captain and Vice Captain
Captain - Kumar Ayush (V - I)
Vice Captain - Anjali Kumari (V - E)


The Ruby house with its flaming bright red colour symbolises friendship, love, vitality and royalty. Ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe and is known as the king of gems. It is considered to be a representation of the sun symbolizing integrity, devotion, courage, generosity and inspiration, qualities which every student of the house should aspire to have.

Std- IV
Captain - Shreya Kumari (IV - D)
Vice Captain - Amay Kumar (IV - F)
Std- V
Captain - Nandini (V - F)
Vice Captain - Rishu Raj (V - L)


The Sapphire house represents a promise of honesty, purity and trust.Students of this house are known for their skill, unity and faith symbolizing the Blue colour.

Std- IV
Captain - Abhinav Singh (IV - A)
Vice Captain - Shristy Kumari (IV - H)
Std- V
Captain - Ayush (V - J)
Vice Captain - Aashika Kumari (V - D)


The Topaz House with its golden yellow flag symbolizes constancy, loyalty, faithfulness and friendship promoting joy and happiness. Topaz reflects the golden glow and warmth of the radiant sun and opens us to universal energy balancing, soothing and cleansing emotions and thoughts that are stress relieving. The students of this house are destined to exude courage and strength in character

Std- IV
Captain - Prachi (IV - E)
Vice Captain - Shashwat Pandey ( IV - C )
Std- V
Captain - Soumya (V - K)
Vice Captain - Yuvraj (V - K)


The Emerald house with its vibrant green colour encourages growth, reflection, peace and balance and represents healing and fertility. Green is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, adoration and friendship. Qualities which the students of this house will definitely find are worth imbibing.

Std- IV
Captain - Akash Kumar (IV - G)
Vice Captain - Riya Chandra ( IV - G )
Std- V
Captain - Om Kumar Singh (V - K)
Vice Captain - Jennifer (V - K)

House Captain (SESSION 2017-2018)

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